Swimming is a technique based sport.


Build your technique BEFORE you build your endurance by learning proper stroke mechanics.


Swimming is the least understood part of triathlon and often times the most neglected by athletes. Maximize your freestyle stroke efficiency so you can get out of the water and not be exhausted. A strong swim leads to  a strong bike and run.


Whether you are a new swimmer facing a half mile swim or experienced  swimmer facing a 2.4 mile or 10k swim, open water swimming requires skills not normally taught by swim coaches. Learn from someone who has miles of competitive open water experience.


Unlock the skills and learn the secrets to effortless freestyle.


Learn open water triathlon swimming skills to have a safe, and fast swim.






Each session is 30 minutes long.


Your swimming skills will be assessed.


The freestyle stroke is broken down into a series of drills designed to help you swim efficiently.


These drills will be introduced as soon as the swimmer is ready for the next drill progression.


Advanced swimmers will receive stroke refinement.


A short video may be shot at the end of your lesson and sent to you so you can see yourself



Learn drills to practice on your own.


Fee: $25



Don’t Know How To Swim?


No Problem.


One of the most common things holding people back that want to do triathlons is not knowing how to swim, due to fear, or not having exposure to it as a child.


If you have the dedication and patience, you can build your swimming skill base and learn to swim efficiently and correctly so that you too can be competing in triathlons.


Learn to swim from another adult in a positive and encouraging environment without worry of embarrassment of having to swim in a group setting.


Fee: $25